Brighton Cycling Finishes MiSCA Series Undefeated

The USA Cycling Michigan Scholastic State Champion and final MiSCA Series Race was held on 10 October in Rochester Hills.  Setting the stage for a classic fall mountain bike race, Mother Nature served up the best weather of the season for the last of the five race 2015 MiSCA program with cool temps and sunny skies, softening Bloomer Park’s mature woods for race fans and the uninitiated.


Riders who know the track are not fooled by the bright day. Lung busting climbs, rooty gnar, and tight downhill switchbacks help preserve Bloomer Park’s State Championship venue selection.  Beginners will do the short course totaling 7.8 miles (3 laps). Two technical sections are added for the JV 10.5 mile (3 laps) and Varsity 14 mile (4 laps) race.


Some riders were better prepared than others as Brighton’s Homecoming festivities had some riders a bit short on rest needed for the day’s effort.


In the Beginner Class, Kade Wirth (42:22) took 2nd place in the MiSCA/USAC Championship Race and was 2nd in the MiSCA Series.  Kyle Newton (49:26) took 3rd place and was 3rd in the Series. Unable to attend the final race, Brice Laten was 4th overall in the 8 competitor MiSCA Series.


With this race selected by USA Cycling as their Scholastic State Championship venue, it attracted competitors from as far away as Traverse City hoping to grace their race resumes with the coveted USAC State Champion moniker.


In the large 42 rider JV Class, Alex Koepfer (55:50.9) came in 2nd in the MiSCA/USAC Championship Race and 1st overall in the MiSCA Series. Conor Riddle (1:03:50.7) was 9th in the race and 3rd overall in the Series followed closely by Jason Nickels (1:03:52.0) in 10th and 8th overall in the Series.  Ben Yahr (1:07:07.3) was 18th and 11th overall in the Series and Camden Newton (1:10:28.2) came in 21st and 18th in the Series.


Brighton dominated the 22 Rider Varsity  Class with Nate Lorence (1:07:22.3) in 2nd in the MiSCA/USAC Championship Race and 2nd overall in the Series and Rob Ort (1:12:05.4) in 5th place and 4th overall in the Series. Colin Wood (1:14:23.8) was 7th and 5th in the Series.  Wade Thomas (1:!5:58.4) beset with 3 unplanned dismounts, managed 8th place in both the race and Series. Drew Harbrecht (1:16:19.2) secured 10th place and 12th in the Series with Andrew Allen (1:17:01.6) in 11th and 9th overall in the Series.  Anthony Palarchio was unable to attend the final race and was 11th overall in the Series.


In the 13 rider Women Varsity Class, Brooke Tyrrell (1:33:35) was 5th and 4th overall in the Series.


That brings a close to the Brighton Cycling Club’s MiSCA race season. Many riders have entered the Iceman Cometh Race on November 7th  that hosts over 4000 riders and has a special youth class with scholarship opportunities.  In its 26th year, the Iceman is a 32 mile point-to-point race from Kalkaska to Traverse City. Michigan’s unpredictable weather at that time of year is always a factor.


The Brighton Cycling Club will be back in the Spring’16. Watch for a kick-off meeting announcement.

Have FUN and Ride!

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Iceman Cometh Race

Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association

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No Brakes! Unstoppable Brighton Cycling

A chill morning greeted racers for the 4th race of the MiSCA Series at Island Lake Recreation Area hosted by Brighton High School’s cycling club. Racers had high hopes for a rain-free contest with precipitation forecasted to move into the area post-race.


Island Lake is a new venue for the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association and two courses were devised to challenge riders of varying skills; A three mile loop comprised of one mile of paved path followed by two miles of singletrack on the Yellow trail for Beginner racers and younger riders, and the full Yellow trail defined the loop for the more experienced JV and Varsity riders.


Riding on their “Home Track”, Brighton Cycling dominated MiSCA podiums and left the race venue with the coveted 1st Place Team Award for the 4th consecutive time.


In the three lap (9 miles) Beginner race, Kade Wirth (45:05) took 2nd place and is tied for 1st place of seven in the series with one race remaining. Brice Laten (55:14), back in action and mostly recovered from a bruised elbow, took 3rd place, and is 3rd in the series. Kyle Newton (56:33) finished strong for 4th place and is 4th in the series.

Michigan weather once again thwarted forecaster’s best efforts as rain settled into the area just in time for the JV and Varsity race. Grassy areas and wooden bridges became slippery and threatened to dismount aggressive racers, succeeding in many cases.


Alex Koepfer (52:35) was 1st in the uber-competitive two lap (12 miles) JV race, and is in 1st place of 29 in the series with one race remaining, followed by Conor Riddle (54:05) in 3rd place and 3rd in the series. Half way through the 1st lap of the race, Jason Nickels (1:01:18) suffered an unplanned dismount on a slick wooden bridge that busted his front brake. Holding on with a free finger to keep the lever and cable out of his front wheel, Jason completed that lap, and the next, finishing 6th. Ben Yahr (01:05:28) finished 10th and is 10th in the series, and Camden Newton (01:08:05) was 11th and is 14th in the 29 rider series.


In the three lap (18 miles) Varsity race, Nate Lorence (01:10:30) was 2nd and is in 2nd place of 24 in the series. And in an exciting finishing sprint, Colin Wood (01:15:45) held on to 4th place and is 6th in the series. Rob Ort (01:18:11) finishing 6th, 3rd in the series, was followed by Wade Thomas (01:26:22) in 7th who is 7th in the series.  In another sprint finish, teammates Andrew Allen (01:29:30) edged out Drew Harbrecht (01:29:31) by a tire width, to take 8th place and is 8th in the series with Drew 9th and 11th in the 24 rider series.


Brooke Tyrrell (01:40:28) was 4th after holding onto 3rd place for two of the three six mile laps and is 5th in the 11 rider Women Varsity series.


Finally, and not to be outdone by his older brother Wade, future Varsity competitor Owen Thomas (01:00:29) completed the one lap (3 miles) 10 & Under Class in 9th of 12 on his trusty balance bike.


The final MiSCA Series Race and USA Cycling Scholastic State Championship will be on October 10th at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, Mi. The championship race will start and end at the Hilltop Shelter and offers technical switchbacks, climbing and twisty root single trails combined with wider two track to allow for safe passing. Each lap is approximately 3 miles long, an the number of laps will vary based upon class.


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Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association

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Submitted by TJ Tyrrell

Brighton Cycling Three-Peat!

Brighton Cycling pulled off a Hat Trick at the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association (MiSCA) Race #3 at Novi’s Lakeshore Park (Tree Farm) on Saturday 19th September, 2015, again taking home the Team Win!

75 riders from various teams competed on the relatively flat but very technical 5.25 mile loop.


Rain again threatened the event as showers were in the area right up until the Beginner class race time. By the time Varsity and JV were due off the start line, clouds were clearing and the sun began to peek through at times.


The Lakeshore Park track makes up for its lack of elevation changes by challenging rider with both natural and enhanced features. Twisty root-strewn sections and several log piles favored the technically skilled riders while those with only strength and endurance found they could not gain nor maintain desired speed. Five riders failed to finish their races as the technical nature of the trail, coupled with moisture from the early rain, caused several unplanned dismounts.


Once again, Brighton dominated the 2 lap JV Class (10.5 miles) with Andrew Allen (50:39) taking the top spot with Alex Koepfer (52:04) in a three bike sprint into the finish chute taking 3rd and missing the #2 spot by no more than a wheel.  Conor Riddle (52:58) pushed hard for 8th, followed by Ben Yahr (53:28) in 10th and Jason Nickels (1:00:13) shutting the door for Brighton on over half the JV class in 16th.


Brighton’s dominance was challenged by the Tree Farm in the competitive 3 lap Varsity Class (16 miles) with Nate Lorence (1:08:43) taking 2nd place whilst riding the final 5 miles with a sticky break due to a bike tangle that dismounted both racers, knocking him out of the lead. Anthony Palarchio (1:11:31) took 4th place with Robert Ort (1:12:22) close behind in 5th and Wade Thomas (1:13:02) in 7th despite three unplanned dismounts (UPDs) on his last lap. Colin Wood (1:13:47) covered the 10th spot and Drew Harbrecht (1:39:37) with three dropped chains, edged out other racers for 14th.


Tree Farm’s technical features knocked out three of the Varsity Women racers where Brooke Tyrrell (1:29:31) managed to stay upright and took 4th place.


MiSCA Series Race #4 of the 5 race series will be at Island Lake Recreation Area on October 3rd.  Brighton Cycling will host the event with MiSCA which will take place on the fast, and sometimes tricky, Yellow Trail.

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Brighton Cycling Repeats Win at MiSCA #2

Brighton Cycling again took home the 1st Place Team Award at the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association (MiSCA) Race #2 at Lake Orion High School on Saturday 12th September, 2015.

Riders from various teams competed on the challenging Lake Orion mountain bike trail network on a very chilly fall morning, that turned cold and nasty for the advanced rider categories.


The gnarly Lake Orion High School course had its way with some of the most seasoned riders, easily unseating many of them without warning on a tricky off-camber grassy curve made especially dodgy after the rain began. Rider comments about the course varied from; “It was so fun I’m coming back for sure” to “Never again…”


Kade Wirth (00:48:20) handily navigated the Beginner Class again taking the top spot on the podium but Brice Laten was unkindly dismounted by one of Lake Orion’s many trees, bruising his elbow, and taking him out early in the contest.


Michigan weather lived up to its unpredictable nature and as cold drizzle began to settle in at the start of the Varsity and JV race. By the time it transitioned to a steady downpour, most of the racers had entered the woods where the dense canopy help filtered it a bit allowing the racers to start heating up before getting completely drenched. Racers stretched the limits of their skills as many sections of the track turned muddy and slick. Nearly all the participant quickly took advantage of a hot shower at the accessible Lake Orion High School locker rooms upon finishing.


Brighton again dominated the JV Class with Wade Thomas (1:02:24) atop the podium in 1st and Alex Koepfer (1:04:01) in 2nd and riders Conor Riddle (1:08:33) 4th, followed by Jason Nickels (1:14:14) in 7th, and returning racer Camden Newton (1:26:08) in 10th.


The difficult Varsity Class was well represented by Brighton with Nate Lorence (1:16:37) again completing a ride without breaking his bike taking 2nd place and Robert Ort (1:23:53) in 5th, with Anthony Palarchio (1:25:39) finishing his first race in 6th, closely followed by Colin Wood (1:28:13) in 7th and Andrew Allen (1:29:36) in 8th. Drew Harbrecht (1:39:37) cruised into 12th place capping the Brighton Team win.


MiSCA Series Race #3 of the 5 race series will be at Lakeshore Park (Tree Farm) in Novi on Saturday 19th September where racers will enjoy an overall flatter course with less climbing but plenty of tight and twisty wooded sections and log features that will be fun and challenging for all racers.

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Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association

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Submitted by TJ Tyrell

Brighton Cycling Wins MiSCA 2015 Season Opener

Brighton Cycling took home the 1st Place Team Award at the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association (MiSCA) season opener at Addison Oaks in Leonard, Mi on Saturday 29th August, 2015.


Seventy-seven riders from various teams competed on the well-groomed Addison Oaks mountain bike trail with loops of varying length and difficulty depending on the classification. Race distance for Beginners was 8 miles, JV 13 miles, and Varsity 19.5 miles.

With USA Cycling (USAC) sanctioning the MiSCA Race Series and State Championship titles for USAC and MiSCA at stake, the series is drawing seasoned competitors from across Michigan hoping to boost their USAC Rankings and stack their race résumés.


The Beginner Class completed 2 laps of the shorter course with the Brighton filling the podium after it was determined the rider with a faster time started early in the wrong wave.  New racers this season Kade Wirth (37:29) took 1st place with Brice Laten (39:57) in 2nd and Kyle Newton (45:30) in 3rd.

Brighton dominated the 26 rider JV Class that rode 2 laps of the long course with Colin Wood (53:46.8) atop the podium in 1st and Alex Koepfer ((54:17.6) 2nd and riders Conor Riddle (56:49.5) 3rd, Ben Yahr (59:36.6) in 10th, and new racer Jason Nickels (1:0216.9) in 10th.


The 21 rider Varsity Class rode 3 laps of the Addison Oaks long course which took its toll on riders dispensing a hearty dose of leg cramps to the overly aggressive and less prepared. Nate Lorence (1:11:54.2) surprised everyone, stayed on his bike and took 3rd place for Brighton, Robert Ort (1:18:35.2) in 6th, Andrew Allen (1:20:56.7) cruised into 8th place. The long course dished on Wade Thomas (1:21:38.0), who “barked” a tree with his hand, was treated with a cold pack at his 9th place finish, and Drew Harbrecht (1:27:45.9) was 12th, and Anthony Palarchio, who started strong and pressed the lead group, until low pressure in his front wheel motivated him to exit the race and protect his equipment.

The Women’s Varsity class had 11 riders where Brooke Tyrrell (1:42:03.2) was 7th.

Rain was forecasted to commence during the JV/Varsity race threatening to gum up drivetrains and turn rock gardens slick. Fortunately, only a brief shower ensued giving the riders respite from their labor.


MiSCA Series Race #2 will be at Lake Orion High School on Saturday 12th September where twisty tight wooded sections, grassy segments and open fields will provide a fun and challenging course for all racers. The trail takes advantage of the hilly local topography and offers spectators many opportunities to see the racers.

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Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association

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Brighton Cycling Completes Successful Season

The Brighton Cycling club finished off the season with a ride and dinner from the Green Oak Village Place. Several of the team participated in a fun ride on the ILRA Blue Trail from the JCP trail spur in exceptionally cool 34 degree weather and headed over to nearby Johnny Carino’s to warm up and refuel.
After the meal,  club athletes were recognized for their achievements during the season and presented with hard-earned Varsity or Participation awards. Brighton Cycling had a significant presence at each of the three MiSCA races, taking away the Team Award at two of them including the State Championship race. Most recently, athletes Kyle Bohnsack, Austin Loper, Nathan Lorence, Stuart Schmoeger, and Wade Thomas participated in the 31 mile Iceman Cometh mountain bike race from Kalkaska to Traverse City on November 8th:
The Cycling Club’s Seniors were were presented with pictures signed by team mates and Brighton’s bike shops, D&D Bicycles, Hometown Bicycles, and Town and Country Bikes, showed their support for the MiSCA State Champion Team by donating gift certificates and bike swag that was given away at the event.
A video recap of the season, which chronicled each MiSCA race, was viewed and shows the team’s growth as new members joined the fun on each successive event:
Training for next season will commence in late spring and the Cycling Club is planning to host the 3rd October 2015 race in next year’s expanded MiSCA program.
Submitted by TJ Tyrrell

Brighton Cycling is the 2014 MiSCA State Champion Team

Brighton Cycling, with new members and some first time racers, challenged athletes from a broad group of Michigan cyclists and teams in Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association’s (MiSCA) third and final race in the 2014 series held at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills on Saturday 27th September.

A beautiful and warm fall day greeted arriving racers as the MiSCA crew finished course setup and registration. This event would also determine the MiSCA and USA Cycling (USAC) Scholastic State Champions for Michigan in the various race categories.

Brighton’s Beginner Racers in the 10:00am Waves had 3 laps for a total of 9 miles. New member and first time racer, and now category State Champion, Alex Koepfer (46:31.7) took an early lead and sprinted to the finish in 1st place in a Men’s Beginner (15-18) category filled with Brighton Athletes. Ben Yahr (47:25.6) was close behind for 2nd place with Camden Newton (53:27.8) 3rd ensuring Brighton would fill the top three podium positions. Ben Yahr captured the coveted MiSCA Series award based on points in the best two of three races.

Despite a nagging seat-post that loosened during the ride, first time racer Megan Schnurstein’s (1:07:39.9) 1st place entry in the Women’s Beginner (15-18) category helped Brighton take an early lead in the team standings as she secured the State Champion award in that category.

Competition heated up in the 11:30am Waves on a reconfigured course that added distance and difficulty for the JV and Varsity categories filled with athletes from Clarkston School’s Flying Rhino MiSCA Team, Real Women Tri, Cycletherapy Orange Krush Cycle Club MiSCA, RBS Cycling Team, Trails Edge MiSCA, and Leadout Racing, each with their eyes on State Champion designations from MiSCA and USAC.

Unintended dismounts were not uncommon on the advanced course with technical terrain that required both skill and perseverance to successfully navigate several root-strewn climbs, drops, and curves.

Wade Thomas shook off a string of tough luck for a 1st place finish and is State Champion in the Men’s JV category completing the 3 lap (10.5 miles) JV circuit with a time of 58:57.3. Colin Wood (59:37.7) and Nate Lorence (1:00:26.8) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively with Nate capturing the MiSCA Series title award for Men’s JV. Drew Harbrecht 5th (1:02:04.8) and Andrew Allen 6th (19:02:05.2) finished a blink apart as both sprinted to the finish in the hotly contended JV race and Rob Ort (1:03:49.0) 10th, was slowed by a petulant drivetrain that was replaced shortly after the race.

Brooke Tyrrell captured the Women’s Varsity MiSCA Series title award, and was 2nd in the Varsity 4 lap (14 miles) race with a time of 1:41:13.8.

The Men’s 4 lap (14 miles) Varsity race was stacked with talent from across southern Michigan. Kyle Bohnsack secured the MiSCA Series title award and came in 5th with a time of 1:14:51.3 with Austin Loper (1:16:19.5) close behind in 6th. Stuart Schmoeger (1:27:43.0) repaired the chain and wheel that failed him in MiSCA Race #2 just in time and closed the door on Brighton’s competition in 10th.

In the end, Brighton Cycling talent overwhelmed competitor teams with its best score of the season and took home the 2014 MiSCA State Championship Team Award!

USA Cycling is governed by the rules of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

More information on USAC can be found here:

More information on MiSCA can be found here:


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Cycling Team in Novi’s Lakeshore Park Tree Farm Trail

Both Michigan weather and Brighton Cycling delivered their best on Saturday 20th September at Novi’s Lakeshore Park Tree Farm Trail. A true fall classic cycling event that set the growing Brighton Cycling race team against serious Southeastern Michigan contenders from Clarkston’s Flying Rhino MiSCA Team, Detroit Country Day, and other club and bike shop teams.

Trail conditions were mixed; primarily dry hard pack with some slick muddy spots and loose sand that threatened to unseat those that took chances in these areas to gap their competition. Freshly painted with swaths of Michigan mud on their limbs as they lapped by spectators, it was obvious the Tree Farm Trail was conducting classes for these student racers.

Five new riders joined Brighton’s race team and for the first time this season, Brighton managed to seed one of the 10:00am Waves. New Brighton racers in the 9 mile Beginner Men’s 15-18 category threw down the gauntlet early with strong finishes; Ben Yahr (58:50.9) and Camden Newton (1:06:12.2) secured 1st and 2nd place respectively with Josh Springer (1:13:49.3), just joining the club, closing the door on Brighton’s competition taking 5th place.

The 11:30am Waves matched Brighton’s experienced racers against fierce competition in JV and Varsity with a reconfigured course that added both distance and technical trail segments.

1st place in the congested 14 mile JV Men’s division, with 22 contenders, was captured by Nate Lorence (1:10:28.9) who was closely followed by Colin Wood (1:12:35.6) in 2nd place. Racers Rob Ort (1:14:00.0) and Andrew Allen (1:14:32.8) tied up the 5th and 6th place slots with Noah Allen (1:22:51.5) taking 9th place and helping bottle up the top half of the JV bracket with Brighton athletes. Wade “I caught too much air” Thomas was leading the JV pack through the second lap but was “snake bit” by a hard landing off a trail feature, taking him out of contention with a flat rear tire.

In 18 mile Women’s Varsity, Brooke Tyrrell (1:58:58.0) reeled in 2nd place, despite taking part in a couple Tree Farm Trail lessons on her second lap.

Brighton athletes in the 18 mile Men’s Varsity category also spent some time in Tree Farm Trail’s class with Kyle Bohnsack (1:29:02.9) who, despite barking a tree with his shoulder and getting a new paint job, took 2nd place, and was closely followed by Spencer Grasl (1:29:28.7) and Austin Loper (1:30:07.3) securing the 3rd and 4th place spots respectively, sporting some fresh paint (mud) as well. Stuart Schmoeger’s herculean effort to overcome the Varsity leader proved to be too much for his bike’s drive train as he logged a DNF due to a broken chain and two broken spokes.

Truly a team effort, Brighton Cycling Racers filled several positions in the top half of their respective race categories preventing competing teams from securing valuable points in those brackets. The terrific performance of the expanded team overwhelmed competing clubs and Brighton took home the MiSCA Team Award for the first time this season with a score of 6 points.

The final MiSCA Race, which will determine this year’s State Champions, is at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills on the 27th of September. It is not too late to join the Brighton Cycling club and participate. The team still need racers in the 11-14year and Beginner Men’s and Women’s categories.  More information can be found at:

Better yet, just come out and ride on Wednesdays at Island Lake’s Trail Head Parking Lot at 3:45pm. Bring the whole family! Parents and siblings are welcome to ride too.

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Brighton Cycling

The Brighton Cycling club promotes the healthy lifestyle that mountain biking and cycling brings to students and their families. Club rides are typically held on Wednesdays at the Island Lake Recreation Area Trail Head Parking Lot at 3:45 with roll-out at 4pm, weather permitting. The club is coached by cycling enthusiasts BHS Principal Johnson of “Mentor Video” fame, BHS teacher Ted Buckless, and TJ Tyrrell. Although there is no obligation to do so, many club members choose to participate in the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association (MiSCA) Race Series which has three events this year, the last of which will determine the USAC State Champion team.
Information about MiSCA can be found here:
Brighton showed up with their best at the 1st MiSCA race held in Ann Arbor. Nine racers gave it their all and captured many podium positions and put Brighton in a good position to capture the team award. 
The Olson Park circuit was a mix of paved trail and twisty single track that goes through woods and along a bluff overlooking the pond. Plenty of rocks and roots with a couple of loose gravel sections challenged rider’s bike handling skills and made for an exciting race.
Kyle Bohnsack and Austin Loper raced in the Men’s Varsity category and clinched a first and third respectively. Kyle took the early lead which continued to lengthen on each of Varsity’s four laps of the course turning in a time of 1:00:28.0. Austin looked like the favorite for the second spot but several unplanned dismounts took their toll and he turned in a 1:04:22.6 for 3rd place.
Brooke Tyrrell captured the hole shot in Women’s Varsity and never gave it up capturing 1st place with a time of 1:16:55.4.
A large group of starters in Men’s Junior Varsity resulted in a tangle after the gun taking out two of our racers. Noah Allen headed back to the pits with a taco’d front wheel and Wade Thomas got back in the race after getting his bike back together. Wade overcame the deficit with a huge effort finished with a time of 48:22.2 which would have captured a podium position were it not for a rule dispute in which he was disqualified on a technicality. A good learning experience for all.
However, the hotly contended Men’s Junior Varsity riders Colin Wood (48:18.6) captured 2nd place with Rob Ort (49:38:0) in 5th followed close behind by Nate Lorence (50:35.8) and Andrew Allen (52:55:0) securing 7th and 8th place respectively with three laps.
In the end, Brighton’s lack of contenders in the plethora of racing categories allowed Detroit Country Day to narrowly capture the Team Award with 5 points to Brighton’s 7.
The next MiSCA Race is at Novi Tree Farm (Lakeshore Park) on the 20th of September. It is not too late to join the Brighton Cycling club and participate. Better yet, just come out and ride on Wednesdays at Island Lake.
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Submitted by TJ Tyrrell