Brighton Cycling Repeats Win at MiSCA #2

Brighton Cycling again took home the 1st Place Team Award at the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association (MiSCA) Race #2 at Lake Orion High School on Saturday 12th September, 2015.

Riders from various teams competed on the challenging Lake Orion mountain bike trail network on a very chilly fall morning, that turned cold and nasty for the advanced rider categories.


The gnarly Lake Orion High School course had its way with some of the most seasoned riders, easily unseating many of them without warning on a tricky off-camber grassy curve made especially dodgy after the rain began. Rider comments about the course varied from; “It was so fun I’m coming back for sure” to “Never again…”


Kade Wirth (00:48:20) handily navigated the Beginner Class again taking the top spot on the podium but Brice Laten was unkindly dismounted by one of Lake Orion’s many trees, bruising his elbow, and taking him out early in the contest.


Michigan weather lived up to its unpredictable nature and as cold drizzle began to settle in at the start of the Varsity and JV race. By the time it transitioned to a steady downpour, most of the racers had entered the woods where the dense canopy help filtered it a bit allowing the racers to start heating up before getting completely drenched. Racers stretched the limits of their skills as many sections of the track turned muddy and slick. Nearly all the participant quickly took advantage of a hot shower at the accessible Lake Orion High School locker rooms upon finishing.


Brighton again dominated the JV Class with Wade Thomas (1:02:24) atop the podium in 1st and Alex Koepfer (1:04:01) in 2nd and riders Conor Riddle (1:08:33) 4th, followed by Jason Nickels (1:14:14) in 7th, and returning racer Camden Newton (1:26:08) in 10th.


The difficult Varsity Class was well represented by Brighton with Nate Lorence (1:16:37) again completing a ride without breaking his bike taking 2nd place and Robert Ort (1:23:53) in 5th, with Anthony Palarchio (1:25:39) finishing his first race in 6th, closely followed by Colin Wood (1:28:13) in 7th and Andrew Allen (1:29:36) in 8th. Drew Harbrecht (1:39:37) cruised into 12th place capping the Brighton Team win.


MiSCA Series Race #3 of the 5 race series will be at Lakeshore Park (Tree Farm) in Novi on Saturday 19th September where racers will enjoy an overall flatter course with less climbing but plenty of tight and twisty wooded sections and log features that will be fun and challenging for all racers.

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Submitted by TJ Tyrell